Senior Year
Congratulations! It's your final year of high school. There are a lot of important things to do this year such as taking the SAT or ACT, applying to college, filling out scholarships, filing for financial aide, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1Q.) Can I hand write my scholarship application?
1A.) No. All scholarships need to be typed.

2Q.) Should I retake the SAT or ACT?
2A.) That depends. Compare your score to the average freshman score for your goal college to see how close your score is to that. You should also make sure that your score is above any stated minimum score if one is posted. Also, check the scholarship page and see if you qualify or need a higher score. If you still aren't sure, see your counselor so we can talk to you about it.

3Q.) How many colleges should I apply to?
3A.) In most cases, our answer is more than one. Its always a good idea to have options. You will be able to compare financial aid packages and choose the college that is right for you in regards to academics but also financially when you apply to more than one. Some schools are just selective.

4Q.) When should I apply to college?
4A.) Every school has different priority deadline dates. School like IU and Purdue have very early dates for scholarship admission. Other schools don't have scholarship dates until February. Check the website for every school you may apply to early in your senior year for these dates. It is best to apply early. We like to see at least one college application done by the end of September.

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